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We at Felix Advisory, have constantly guided and supported our clients in multiple domains with the support of experts with several years of experience in various fields such as finance, operation accounting and tax.

We have worked with world-class logistics providers and helped in finance process transformation, resulting in a high rate of productivity and standardization.

Today, technology has become pervasive in every industry and there is a need to move away from traditional logistics methods and adopt efficient and innovative technological processes to drive profits and accelerate growth.

We have successfully delivered the following services to enable logistics providers to achieve their aims and goals:

Standardized Finance Processes

Standardization is key to achieving financial growth. Hence, we work at redesigning existing inconsistent finance processes and implementing global standardized policies and frameworks by

  • Streamline processes: After conducting a needs assessment, we streamlined processes by creating a standardized framework, eliminating liabilities and included value-added features.
  • Digitize documentation: We worked on digitizing invoices and financial operations to increase efficiency and reduce time consumption.
  • End-to-end process structure: We worked hand-in-hand with our clients to optimize end-to-end solutions and maximize productivity across remote locations.
  • Harmonizing workflow: We then unified the workflow by creating a set of standardized operating procedures to minimize discrepancies.

Improved Compliance

Understanding the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance without reducing the speed of expansion and growth, we have effectively devised customized methods and processes to manage internal controls to aid financial reporting. With the advent of new and advanced technology, reducing risk and boosting growth has become easier. We utilized accurate and foolproof methods such as exception analysis and variance reporting to consolidate, inspect, and modify financial procedures. We also encouraged our clients to adopt user-friendly cloud applications that enable auditors to easily access reports and transactions from remote locations.

New Operating Models

Change is constant and inevitable in any business. We have collaborated with clients to reengineer business models and operations and replace existing models with flexible and innovative ones. To achieve this, we opt for

  • Realigned teams based on processes instead of the location
  • Created new delivery structures backed by technology to enhance efficiency and reduce delays
  • Reassigned roles based on difficulty level and revised job descriptions to meet the challenging demands of various jobs

Transaction Support

At Felix, we have constantly provided timely transaction support across the life cycle for supply chain technology companies by designing and implementing:

  • Warehouse automation
  • Last-mile delivery to increase efficiency and minimize delays and time-lapses

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