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Reforming the Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry

The infrastructure and real estate sector are the most important sector that determines the economic growth of a country. This capital-intensive sector has tremendous scope for improvement and is experiencing a boom with a rise in the number of private players. Today, more and more real estate companies have cropped up to help middle-class Indians realize their dream of buying their own house. However, this sector is also filled with some issues such as:

  • Bankruptcies And Financial Stress
  • Unit Holder's Grievances
  • Distribution
  • Compliance
  • Taxation

With an increase in the purchasing power of Indians, there has been a steady rise in the demand for affordable as well as luxury homes. However, there is another segment of consumers that prefers to rent homes and offices to minimize locking of capital. This has resulted in co-working and co-living focused businesses. At Felix, we have worked with some of the best names in the industry to help them address issues pertaining to specific business and devise innovative strategies for it to flourish in a highly uncertain and volatile industry. We provide the following services for these companies:

Business Structuring

An appropriate business structure is essential to protect personal wealth. Hence, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the real estate and infrastructure sector to set up sole proprietorship or limited liability companies depending on the needs and organization of the real estate agency in question.

Debt and Equity

Our diverse financial experts have provided excellent tailor-made solutions and comprehensive capital solutions. We have helped clients regulate debt and equity for new acquisitions and repositioning strategies to address the above issues.

Interim CFO and Accounting Outsourcing

Start-ups and small-to-medium businesses are now realizing that outsourcing a CFO and accounting activities is almost 30% cheaper than hiring CFO and accounting personnel. This is where Felix comes in. Our diverse team of accounting professionals and CFOs have worked for several years with the Big Four and utilize this experience and knowledge to maximize profits of innovative start-ups and businesses.

Strategic Investments

Our team of experienced financial professionals have in-depth knowledge of new markets, new ventures, and expansion opportunities. They have utilized this knowledge to help clients formulate innovative strategies and accelerate growth. They have also designed and executed mergers and acquisitions to facilitate growth.

Real Estate Valuation Services

We have also provided critical valuation services to supplement business decisions on organic growth, acquisitions, and expansion opportunities.

Due Diligence, Bid Advisory, and Project Finance

Our due diligence, bid advisory, and financial services have helped clients select key projects and make effective business decisions. By conducting intensive DD and Reviews, we have helped real estate businesses assess the risks associated with various transactions and devise key strategies to mitigate these risks.


Compliance adherence is an important aspect of any real estate business. With the increase in the number of regulatory policies, real estate and infrastructure companies are now striving to become compliant. We have helped top players in the industry become compliant by conducting stringent audits and reviewing their accounting policies and procedures. We have also assessed the impact of GST on the business, helped clients adhere to the Companies Act, 2013 and identified the loopholes to propose innovative solutions.

Tax Services

Tax planning is a critical aspect of the real estate business. Hence, we periodically review the tax position of clients. With the introduction of GST, there have been various changes in the taxation process. Our tax planning experts have worked with industry leaders to create robust tax planning policies.

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