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Robust and Independent Valuation for
Corporate Transactions.

Valuation Services for Assessing the True Value of Your Business and Assets.

An important regulatory requirement today is the transparent valuation of organizations including the value of its traditional assets, intellectual property, technology, etc. But for most businesses find this assessing process complex and critical. Our team of experienced advisors understands the needs of organizations and issues related to valuations. We aim at offering integrated valuation service with internationally accepted valuation approaches.

Advantages of Felix's Valuation Services

Service Quality

We meet internationally accepted valuation standards, Companies Act, Income Tax Act and FEMA requirements.

Enhance Business Performance

Proper business valuation can be used as benchmark to evaluate further performance of the business and helps in strategizing and executing corporate plans.

Efficient Transaction Management

Well-documented business valuation plays a vital role in tax planning strategies, business expansions and other corporate transactions.

How the Valuation Service works:

The valuation assessment process is split into three sections which are also a criterion for the division of our services.

Strategize & Prepare
  • Planning and Data Collection
  • Submit the information request list
  • Business understanding
  • Understanding of industry
  • Data Analysis and Valuation
  • Analysis of revenue and cost and cash flows
  • Complete a high-level review of assumptions and projections
  • Industry analysis & understanding of key value drivers of the business
  • Valuation analysis (Income, Market and Asset Approach)
  • Reporting and Discussions
  • Submit draft valuation working sheet
  • Confirmation on draft valuation working sheet incorporating the suggestions
  • Submit draft valuation report
  • Submit the final report

Our Valuation Services include

  • Valuation for Regulatory Purposes (RBI, FEMA, Tax, Companies Act, Transfer Pricing)
  • Valuation for Merger and Acquisitions: Business or equity valuation, swap ratios, fairness opinion
  • Valuation of Complex Securities (CCDs /OCDs)
  • Financial Reporting Valuations: Impairment testing/purchase price allocation
  • Intangible Assets Valuation
  • Employee Stock Options Valuation
  • Valuation of Real Estate
  • Project Financing Valuations
  • Valuation of Fixed Assets and Machineries
  • Merchant Banker Certificates for SEBI/FEMA/Income Tax

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Romesh Vijay

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